About eDocuments

Receive, Sign and Send

Our latest technology in online banking is easy as 1, 2, 3.  Receive, sign and send loan documents safely and securely anytime and anywhere on any internet enabled device.

All around the world people are using electronic documents and signatures for both business and personal transactions. 

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Benefits to you

Just how can eDocuments and eSignatures benefit you?

  • Save time - Apply and receive funds from your loan faster.  What used to take two or three appointments can now be done in one sitting.
  • Convenience - Apply for a loan from the convenience of your home.  Your loan application can be completed by phone, you receive your documents electronically through your online banking account; you sign the documents electronically and we fund the loan. All without you coming in to the branch*.
  • Environmentally friendly - They're paper free.  You're saving a lot of trees and making a positive impact on our community and environment.  And, we'll save nearly one ton of paper every year by switching to eDocuments.
  • Save money - Internet delivery means there are fewer costs to you.  No more mailing documents back to your branch or driving to town to return signed documents.


* Some conditions may apply